Fear of failure

Am I healthy? Do my feelings cause overeating? How emotions affect our weight and how to get rid of repressed feelings? The answer to all these questions is simple - it's all in our heads. Each of us has an inner critic who has a big influence on all our great decisions in life. So, the influence and decisions relate both to our diet and to a healthy lifestyle. 

When we talk about healthy lifestyle, we do not only talk about the daily calorie intake, but overall care of our body, too. What does “inner critic” mean? These are all situations in which we ask ourselves and analyze which rules we adhere to, what we should not have consumed as well as thinking about the potential consequences of our actions.

I can bet that almost every one of you googled at least once things like "how to lose weight", "what food to eat for weight loss", "lose weight in seven days", "tips from famous models" etc. And that's quite OK. Each of us has a role models and we seek answers from them, but their advice is not always useful. When we talk about advice and opinions, we should not follow any role models such as actresses, celebrities, or models - we need an expert opinion of a nutritionist. There are professionals who dedicate most of their lives to studying a certain field, so doctors also dedicate their lives to learning about body and health. It is not disputable if someone who has recently started to be interested in fitness or healthy lifestyles, gives us some tips on how to feel better or to share his experience with us, but it is questionable how valuable and real is the advice we get from them. No one can monitor our body better or know our body like we do, with the help of a nutritionist. 

Nutritionists are people who follow our process from the very beginning, from our blood count to current habits, both bad and good. In fact, they are the only people who "critique and motivate" us. They critique us so we can become aware of our current condition and health, and they motivate us reminding us that it is completely okay and that it is never too late to make a change. The fear of not getting the results we wanted or the fear of whether we will persevere comes together in a "mental package". In order to overcome obstacles, we should first face the problem, become aware of our emotions and thoughts and start with the realization of the plan. And for that thorny path, we need a person who will lead us so we can reach a positive outcome together. We have heard several times how nutritionists compare themselves to an alarm on the phone, because they are always there to remind us where we stopped and how we should proceed. 

You must have heard some of these sentences before:

- I can't have dinner late.
- I must have breakfast, it's the most important meal.
- I can't eat sweets.
- I ate too much today, I won't eat anything tomorrow.
- I ate too much and I deserve a punishment.

The first thing we should keep in mind when we feel unsatisfied is that this can happen to anyone. Rarely (if ever), someone will wake up in the morning and say to themselves “From now on I will eat healthy and continue to do so for the rest of my life” and stick to this decision! This does not mean that this should be a justification for all our unhealthy decisions, but a motivation for our future. This fact is only there to hold us back, to make us aware and to help us remember who we are and how we function as individuals. To know that everything is fine with us, that we are in a life process that has its ups and downs. Failure is something that can happen but finding a problem too! In order to recover from this as quickly as possible, we should take as much information as possible for our further journey, along with the above-mentioned experts. It's done, it can't be changed, but it can be fixed. Allow yourself to view dissatisfaction as a situation that tells us something. Ask yourself why you responded to that message with food. What happened? When did the hunger occur? What conversation preceded that? Did something annoy me, discourage me, scare me? Did I reward myself or feed myself? What is the key moment I can change in the future? Write down, ask, look for a solution. Don't be afraid to embark on a process that brings great benefits to ourselves. Like in all spheres of life, all unlearned or unfulfilled lessons will haunt us until we master them. 

After this mental awakening, try to be strong in the physical field as well. If you are on a regimen or you are just getting acquainted with a healthier diet, try to return to your healthier habits immediately in the next meal. Don't let the brain manipulate you and your body and offer you another bad idea that will potentially affect your future. From tomorrow, from Monday, from the beginning of next month… Decide now and immediately. A return to healthier choices will give a clear message to our brain that we are in charge.

We need to accept ourselves and remember: We are aware of all our lessons, we are ready to learn them and move on stronger and more ambitious. It is important to believe in what we really think and want. Let's be encouraged and start the process of healthy decisions together!

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