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  1. Cheesecake sandwich
  2. Healthy Nutella
  3. Protein pancakes with bananas
  4. Muffins with paprika and ham
  5. Chicken Pâté with carrots
  6. NUTRIFIT porridge with Greek yogurt
  7. Seed tortillas
  8. Gluten-free bread
  9. Polenta with arugula
  10. Fruit porridge with quinoa or millet
  11. Whole wheat macaroni with cheese
  12. Tuna and pasta salad
  13. Low-fat cheese spread
  14. Sandwich with vegetables and low-fat cheese
  15. Meal with eggs and quiona
  16. Homemade hummus with paprika
  17. Rose hip jam
  18. Fitt sandwich with prosciutto
  19. Muffins with paprika and beef prosciutto
  20. Pie with patience dock
  21. Corn bread with low-fat cheese
  22. Healthy ajvar
  23. Ćureći namaz sa kurkumom i paprikom 


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  1. Moussaka with zucchini
  2. Chicken rolls with cheese
  3. Stew with meat and broccoli-potato mash
  4. Cooked peas with lean meat
  5. Beans and chicken
  6. Green beans with meat
  7. Chicken with Cornflakes
  8. Braised beef with dill
  9. Chicken djuvec
  10. Chicken salad with avocado
  11. Quinoa with vegetables
  12. Oven baked fish with grilled vegetables
  13. Caesar salad with turkey
  14. Lasagna with whole wheat macaroni
  15. Meat-stuffed peppers
  16. Risotto with mushrooms
  17. Zucchini stuffed with quinoa and vegetables
  18. Zucchini stuffed with tuna and vegetables
  19. Vegetarian stuffed peppers


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  1. Colorful chicken salad
  2. Chicken in lemon sauce
  3. Chicken with vegetable mix
  4. Sweet chicken with spinach and pomegranate or cranberry
  5. Moussaka made of green beans and cheese
  6. Moussaka with spinach and rice
  7. Salad with cheese and nuts
  8. Hake with spinach
  9. Stuffed peppers with tuna and vegetables
  10. Chicken kebab
  11. Baked green beans with soured milk
  12. Mushrooms stuffed with vegetables


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  1. Energy balls
  2. Salad with cheese
  3. Fruit salad
  4. Vegan fruit pudding
  5. Nutrifit smoothie
  6. Oatmeal with raspberries
  7. Baked pumpkin with cinnamon
  8. Vitamin salad with beets and apples
  9.  Potaž od brokolija

10. Potaž od karfiola i leblebija

11. Čoko mafini sa malinom i pomorandžom