It helps with cuts and scratches, spider, bee and mosquito bites, it cleans polluted air, neutralizes the smell of mold and tobacco smoke and it is ideal for the whole family.

Purification oil consists of essential oils of lemongrass, tea tree, myrtle, rosemary, citronella and lavender.

This oil is also very good for maintaining the health of the skin, because it gives the skin a healthy and radiant look.

This oil is phenomenal for smokers and all those who have pets whose natural scent is stronger. It neutralizes the odors from bathrooms, garages, basements…


  1. Spray before and after small or big gatherings in your home, regardless of the smoke and other odors, the space will smell fresh and clean.
  2. Apply it directly to insect bites or cuts and wounds to disinfect them and soothe the itching.
  3. Apply one drop of this oil on the neck if you have a sore throat.
  4. Mix a few drops with a little distilled water and make a homemade insect repellent.
  5. Put a few drops on a cotton ball and put it on the bottom of the garbage can to neutralize the odors.
  6. Put a few drops on cotton balls and put the cotton balls in your shoes to remove unpleasant odors.

  7. Put it directly on the pimples to soothe them.
  8. To remove the tick, put 1 drop directly on it.
  9. If you have a cold sore apply one drop of Purification oil 2-3 times a day.
  10. Spray it around your home to get rid of bad energy.