Online program is created for all individuals who want to change their eating habits and have decided to ask us for help. So, if you live abroad and you are not able to come and see us in person and you need professional help with losing/gaining weight or solving a certain health problem, we are at your disposal in person AND online.

We will be there for you, in constant contact via email, Viber, Skype, we will monitor your progress on weekly basis, do daily consultations or diet plan changes, because we know how important support is.

What is needed?

  1. Lab tests (complete blood count with biochemistry)
  2. Report from a doctor if you have any health problems
  3. Filled in questionnaire (based on your answers we get an insight to your nutritional habits)
  4. Home scale (to track your results)
  5. Your will, motivation and discipline to achieve the set goals

Once you have all of the above, we can get started. Based on all the parameters, 1-2 days later we will send you your diet plan that is completely adapted to your needs and your daily activities. The questionnaire should be filled in in detail, so we can exclude the foods that you do not like, so it will be easier for you to stay motivated and achieve your goal.

What are the advantages of online program?

Online programs are becoming more common and popular than ever before! Internet has created space for the development of various forms of communication for anyone who wants to do something good for themselves. It will save you time and money, since you will not have to make trips to see us. Other than that, there are no big differences in the approach to the program. It is only important to be persistent and the results will come!