Nataša Đukić - Nutricionista

My name is Natasa Djukic

I have a graduate degree in nutrition and dietetics, and I will use my professional knowledge and experience to teach you how to eat properly, enjoy the food you prepare and keep yourself healthy.

After many years of work in this profession and after working with more than 1000 satisfied clients, I have decided to form NutriFit team, so that you can benefit from both my and the experience of members of my team.

Clients say that I am professional, responsible and dedicated. They often say that I am not only their nutritionist but also their psychologist, and that I positively influence their lives and make them better people.

I love my job and I want to become a part of your change today, to make a diet plan according to your individual needs, and to motivate you to reach the goal you set for yourself.

Nataša Đukić - Nutricionista

Diets will not give you results, but a permanent change of habits will!
Nataša Đukić